If you are not yet sure what you want to do with regards to a long term career, there are ways of determining what you should choose as your college major. Of course, you want a career that is going to pay well but not everyone is suited for such professions as doctors and lawyers. It may be necessary to think about what you enjoy when it comes to choosing your major.

You can actually wait until your second year of college to choose a set major. Many students simply begin college with a focus on general studies and then look at the job market and future outlook to determine what they will major in during their last few years in school. Give yourself time to get used to college before you put pressure on yourself to choose a focus for your future.

Many college officials urge students to focus first on the learning experience and then choose a major a bit further down the road although you should not wait too long to select your major. If you wait until your senior year of college to choose your major then you are likely going to be scrambling to ensure that you have all of the required courses to prepare you for graduation. It is often best to take the first year to focus on your studies in general and then try to determine what you should major in during your sophomore year.

Take some time to look through various degree programs to see which ones may seem interesting to you. Find a career choice that you have a passion for. For instance, if you love helping people then perhaps something in counseling or psychology may interest you as a career goal. You may have a keen eye for business and choose business management. It is important that you think about what you enjoy doing and what interests you. This ensures that you settle on a major and a career that you will thoroughly enjoy and seriously reduces your risk of dropping out or performing poorly in your courses.

You have to understand that there are exceptions to every rule. While you may be very passionate about the medical field, it may simply not be feasible to spend many years in medical school. If you are planning a career as a doctor or another field that takes several years of education, it is best to choose this path early on. Switching from an unrelated field to the medical field can be very frustrating and stressful. Medical school can also be relatively expensive so if you are choosing this path, you need to prepare yourself early for the cost and the studies that are involved.

Think about where you plan to live and work and the job market in the career that you are interested in doing. When choosing a college major, many students simply take it slowly. You can begin by just getting past the courses that are required for all majors such as English, algebra and orientation and then begin thinking about what you want to do after those courses have been completed.