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Things to Consider when Buying an Interactive Whiteboard

Technology in general has greatly contributed to education. Today’s blackboards are not the boring chalkboards of traditional learning. Smartboards or interactive whiteboards have made the learning process much more fun and efficient. If you are considering a smartboard for your classroom, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying. You

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Understanding Printer Ink Differences

With so many people buying printers for home and business use, it is important that the differences of ink cartridges for various printers is understood. Most who buy printers, particularly those who buy them for home use, know little about those printers or the type of ink that they require. In order to select the

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Durable Name Labels

Most children will tend to mislay some of their school possessions at least once during the year and this can often be no fault of their own as their belongings can sometimes be mixed up with other kids at the school. However by attaching Name Labels to your child’s clothes or stationary then you can

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